People Suddenly Forget Charles Barkley Went To Auburn, Which Explains His Bad Joke About Georgia Women And Bulldogs

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You never know what is going to come out of Charles Barkley’s mouth, which is why he’s had such a successful commentating career, but it’s also been an Achilles heel of his. More often than not, Barkley firmly plants himself right on the edge of inappropriateness and delivers hysterical one-liners that only he and his brain can come up with, and most people love that about Chuck. During Thursday night’s edition of Inside The NBA, however, one of his statements was, let’s say, questionable.

Going over the highlights of the Lakers-Mavericks game and showing Ketnavious Caldwell-Pope hit a three, the crew mentioned that he went to the University of Georgia. Barkley, who graduated from Auburn, one of Georgia’s biggest rivals, decided to reel off a joke about the Bulldogs and the women that attend UGA.

“Georgia is the only school in the world that named their mascot after the women down there,” Barkley said.

The joke didn’t exactly land. The rest of the crew kind of half-laughed while Ernie Johnson said it was totally uncalled for.

As is the case with all jokes, some people out there thought it was funny while others thought it was the exact opposite of that.

At the end of the day, I don’t think Barkley makes that same sort of joke if the University of Georgia wasn’t mentioned, nor did he actually mean what he said. It was simply a joke. Barkley, like every other SEC graduate or fan, has a trigger to automatically make fun of his school’s rival. He didn’t necessarily have to bring a comparison of women and bulldogs into the equation, but getting angry about his stupid joke seems a tad over the top.