Charles Barkley Has Some Post-Prison Life Advice For O.J. Simpson And It’s Actually Not Bad

charles barkley post prison advice oj simpson

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If you ever need to speak with someone who has an opinion on a topic, pretty much any topic, Charles Barkley is your man. Chuck is never one to shy away from talking about, well, anything. So when the folks at TMZ caught up with Barkley they figured why not ask him what advice he would give to O.J. Simpson on how to deal with post-prison life (should he make it that far).

The interviewer asked Barkley if Simpson should take one of the many unusual jobs being offered to him (such as the one at a brothel), but Charles thinks Simpson would be better served going more low-key and pretty much just stick to golfing in Florida.

As for whether he thinks O.J. can finally stay out of trouble once released, Barkley replied, “I hope so. He’s done everything possible to screw this thing up.” No kidding.

Barkley was also asked if he thought that now with Lonzo Ball added to their roster if the Los Angeles Lakers are a playoff team? His response was an emphatic “HELL NO!” Barkley also took a little swipe at LaVar Ball as he ended the interview. Awesome. Never change, Chuck. Never change.