Charles Barkley Takes Shots At Skip Bayless After Damian Lillard’s Big Game Vs Lakers ‘Take That With Ya Punk Ass’

TNT host Charles Barkley is not a fan of Skip Bayless who has been critical of Damian Lillard in the past.

Ealier this month, Bayless called out Lillard for not being “clutch” after the Blazers lost a close game against the Clippers.

Dame has since gone on an insane run, became the “Bubble MVP” and beat the Lakers in game 1 of the playoffs after Bayless called him out.

After Dame’s big game on Tuesday night, Barkley had a message for Bayless.

Take that Skip Bayless ya punk ass, I hope ya’ll heard me America, Skip Bayless take that with ya punk ass. You know I don’t like him

Update: Bayless has responded to Barkley’s comment.