Future Chicago White Sox Stars Beat The Hell Out Of Each Other With Baseball Bats


This video purportedly shows players from the Chicago White Sox’s feeder program in the Dominican Republic settling their differences with the help of baseball bats.


This is how you get stuff done. Talking is for losers.

The vicious conduct takes place to a soundtrack of guys laughing nervously. Their lighthearted reaction to the proceedings makes me wonder if those aren’t wooden bats or the combatants were just horsing around.

The slapping sound upon contact is also a little fishy.

If that’s the case, they should be lauded for their showmanship. I’ve seen thousands of less-believable big-time wrestling bits.

You have to appreciate their courage.

Nothing says you’ll lay it all on the line for the team like a cracked skull.

Kudos to them for making a name for themselves by any means necessary.

[H/T: Barstool Sports]