Chiefs’ Chris Jones Insults Patriots’ Struggling Offense, Claims They Needed Trick Plays To Stay In The Game

Adam Glanzman/Getty Images


For a second there in the waning moments of the first half in an eventual Chiefs 23-16 win over the Patriots, I thought Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones was going to body slam Tom Brady into the turf. The two got mask-to-mask to emphatically trade quiche recipes.

After the game, Jones chalked the exchange up to “crap-talking” before praising Tom Brady as a Hall of Famer and “a GOAT in my eyes.”

The former All Pro tackle was a little more rough around the edges when asked about the Patriots offense as a whole, which was mostly anemic for the third consecutive game, and the potential for a playoff rematch against the defending Super Bowl champions.

Jones said, before saying he welcomes a rematch:

“Well you saw how they scored, right? They needed gadget plays to get themselves in the endzone and keep themselves in the game. They couldn’t play us straight up, they knew what we were going to do and they weren’t good enough to beat us that way.”

Yeahhhh, they needed gadget plays, but you guys needed the refs to blow one definite and one potential touchdown dead and miss one of the most egregious missed pass interference calls this season.

We’ll call it a wash.

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