Chiefs Fans Have Jokes After Super Fan Who Allegedly Robbed A Bank Is Rumored To Be Released From Jail

Chiefs super fan

Getty Image / Sam Greenwood

Remember that Kansas City Chiefs super fan that allegedly robbed a bank in his well-known wolf outfit? Well, rumors are he’s been released from jail.

Now, the entire fanbase has jokes about the situation.

According to Billy Football from Barstool Sports, Xavier Michael Babudar, otherwise known as Chiefsaholic, was released from jail after making bail.

Okay, so Billy Football isn’t exactly Ian Rapoport. However, he shares a receipt of the bail that’s being tossed around on social media.

Whether this is true or not is yet to be determined. Regardless, Chiefs fans seem convinced it’s real as they make continuous jokes about it on Twitter.

Some Chiefs fans are concerned this is the beginning of a curse.

What if this dude just shows up to the Super Bowl in full costume?

This actually might be true. Chiefs fans will probably blame him for the loss.

Just like the fanbase, we’re waiting to see if Xavier Michael Babudar sends out a tweet or maybe he just rolls up to the Super Bowl as if nothing happened.

Either way, the dramatics just increases for the Chiefs on Sunday.