Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt Shares Stunning Pic After Arriving In Arizona For Super Bowl

Gracie Hunt selfie

Getty Image

Chiefs’ heiress Gracie Hunt is ready for the Super Bowl.

Last week, Gracie was in Kansas City celebrating with the Lamar Hunt trophy, named after her grandfather, after the team’s AFC championship win.

Before heading out to Arizona, Gracie made an appearance on Fox News and told them that she hopes the Super Bowl between the Chiefs and the Eagles is a blowout.

Fox News Host : You know, if the Super Bowl is half as exciting as the game was last week it’s going to be a huge hit.

Gracie Hunt: “Well, I hope it’s not that exciting and let me tell you why. I really love a game where you have like a five-touchdown lead but”

Fox News Host: “You just want a blowout?”

Gracie Hunt: “Oh, I mean” Yes, we do.

Gracie is currently in Arizona and is already sharing stunning photos.

Gracie’s weekly “Red Friday” photo during Super Bowl should be great, considering how much she’s crushed it in the past few weeks.