Chris Broussard Apologizes For ‘Hasty’ Mark Cuban Story



ESPN’s Chris Broussard and Mark Cuban got into a public spat earlier this week regarding a report on the Dallas Mavericks owner’s actions while trying to contact free agent DeAndre Jordan.

Broussard painted the picture of a desperate man roaming the streets, begging for Jordan’s location like a psychotic ex-lover. Cuban claimed that was an accurate representation of the facts.


But just when we got all excited about the possibility of a fiery feud set to rival the Hatfield-McCoy bad blood, it appears Broussard has done some soul-searching.

He just posted the following comment on his report, which can be interpreted as an apology.

Regarding my Wednesday report: I should have attempted to contact Mark Cuban before reporting what my sources were telling me. I always try to carry myself with honesty and integrity both personally and professionally. I recognize that I tweeted hastily, I’m sorry for it, and I will learn from my mistake.

It’s important to note that Broussard is not admitting he was wrong, only that he should have contacted Cuban for a comment.

Stay close for the next Broussard or Cuban dustup. Those two don’t stay out of conflict for very long. With each other or others.

And you know what? We respect them for that. Blog content doesn’t just grow on trees.

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