Chris Broussard Fires Back At Kevin Durant For Calling Him A Liar Over Texting Relationship, Claims He Has Hours Worth Of DMs With Durant

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Chris Broussard and Kevin Durant are currently involved in a very strange Twitter beef.

KD’s beef with Broussard started when the FS1 delivered a take about how the Warriors were better without him.

Earlier today Broussard responded to KD’s tweet by claiming that they have a love, hate relationship with one another and that they have texted for hours in the past.

Durant quickly called out Broussard for lying about texting him in a Twitter post that went viral.

Broussard claims that they did indeed DM each other on Twitter and went a posted video claiming to have hours of DMs with Kevin Durant but wouldn’t release them to the public “out of respect”.

I 100 percent believe Durant has DMed Broussard considering he DMs random teenagers all the time.