White Sox Pitcher Chris Sale Was So Displeased By Having To Wear Throwback Uniforms, He Cut It Up Like A Paper Snowflake

So those uniforms are nice and ugly. And not like ‘those are nice but I wouldn’t wear them’ but instead ‘that’s a hefty helping of ugly to stomach at once’. Apparently, ace lefty Chris Sale felt the same way, since he cut the uniform off of him after fighting with the front office over having to wear them.


“The White Sox scratched ace Chris Sale from Saturday night’s start against the Detroit Tigers due to a reported dispute over the team’s uniforms.

According to ESPN and multiple reports, Sale expressed displeasure over having to wear the White Sox’s 1976 navy, collared throwbacks, and the matter escalated from there, leading to a confrontation with a member of Chicago’s front office. The team then decided to send Sale home from U.S. Cellular Field.

FanRag Sports first reported that Sale cut up the 1976 throwbacks during batting practice so they couldn’t be worn. Fox Sports reported that Sale’s dislike for the uniforms was because he thought they were uncomfortable; Sale also thought the White Sox were putting “PR and jersey sales” ahead of winning.”

Honestly, I don’t disagree with Sale. For one, those uniforms are uglier than the homeless chicks who live underneath the bridge in Atlantic City and will suck your dick for a sleeve of Pringles. Secondly, the Sox definitely need to be focusing on winning a bit more here. They’re not horrible this season, but they’re not “let’s focus all of our energy on promoting a theme night and make our players get fitted for special uniforms” good. Either this or he really wants out of ‘Cago and will go to great lengths to ensure this happens.