Chris Sale Will Buy A New TV For His Minor League Club After Smashing The Last One In A Temper Tantrum

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Chris Sale went off the rails a bit, throwing a temper tantrum following his Wednesday night start for minor league affiliate Worcester. A clip of Sale going full metal jacket on the locker room walls was circulating around social media this morning after the lefty performed below his standards. He walked five batters in 3.2 innings of work.

Sale is seen ripping down shelves, taking a bat to the dugout walls, and smashing a television.

It’s not his first outburst as a pro. While with the White Sox in 2017, he was suspended for cutting up his jerseys. He’s been known to have a bit of temper on the mound, and that obviously came out on Wednesday.

The pitcher has since responded to the incident in an interview with Chris Cotillo. Here’s what he had to say.

“It’s just a seven-year-old temper tantrum. It’s not something I’m proud of. It’s not something I want to do… I acted like an idiot last night and I’ve acted like an idiot before.”

He doesn’t necessarily regret that the outburst happened, but he’s not exactly happy that the moment was captured on video.

“So, you think you’re in a safe space and you think that you’re in private. That’s a place that you’re not supposed to really have cameras. There’s no public access to that. So, I thought I was in kind of a safer spot, but is what it is, man. It’s who I am.

“That’s their problem for videoing it. If you want me to act like a normal person, you’ve got to treat me like a normal person, right? This isn’t like a normal atmosphere. If I was at Bank of America, it wouldn’t fly, right? We’re not at Bank of America. This is sports.”

Chris Sale isn’t proud of the tantrum, but he’s making things right with the team. The most important part of the story is that he plans to replace the locker room TV that was destroyed in the fiasco.

“It’s on its way. The boys got a little something coming. They’ll be all right.”

The perfect end to the story.