CJ Stroud Gets Lit Up After Admitting He Felt ‘Disrespected’ When OSU Brought In Quinn Ewers In 2021

CJ Stroud

Getty Image / Todd Rosenberg

CJ Stroud ended up being selected No. 2 overall by the Houston Texans at the NFL Draft. However, it sounds like he dealt with some drama at Ohio State.

But it seems sports fans can’t get behind his reason for being upset with the Buckeyes.

Unnecessary Roughness shows a clip of CJ Stroud talking about OSU acquiring Quinn Ewers back in 2021. According to Stroud, he felt disrespected by the Buckeyes.

Athletes tend to find a reason to put a chip on their shoulders to gain a competitive edge. So, it can’t be all that shocking to find out that CJ Stroud didn’t like OSU bringing in Quinn Ewers back in 2021.

Even so, sports fans are a bit confused about Stroud’s emotions. Especially considering colleges recruit players at every position all the time.

It’s not unheard of for a program to acquire multiple top recruits. For that reason, fans roasted CJ Stroud over his “disrespected” comments about OSU and Ewers.

The Buckeyes are always bringing in top talent.

A ton of fans are asking this same question.

Some of these fans hated this take from CJ Stroud.

In the end, though, it all worked out for him. Quinn Ewers eventually transferred to Texas and CJ Stroud served as the starting quarterback at OSU.

Now, Stroud can focus on being the starting quarterback for the Texans. We’ll see if he can be the franchise quarterback this organization desperately needs.