The Cleveland Browns Suck So Bad People Were Actually Giving Away Game Tickets As Halloween Treats


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The Browns have become so pathetic, they still haven’t won a game, that this year people are so fed up they were actually giving away game tickets to trick-or-treaters in Cleveland.

“Parents- please check your children’s candy this Halloween!! I just found 2 Browns tickets in my kids bag!! 😑😤😬”

(The emojis put on that tweet by the dad are real topper.)

Considering the Cavaliers just won a NBA Championship and the Indians are most likely going to win a World Series this year it probably is for the best, as a Cleveland fan, to just pretend that the Browns don’t exist at this point.

Besides, giving the tickets to a kid is nice and they will at least enjoy just going to the event and seeing A.J. Green perform rather than have their heart ripped out for the thousandth time when yet another quarterback goes down with an inevitable injury.