Cleveland Guardians Unveil New In-Stadium Drink That Could Cause Fans To Run Through A Wall

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The Guardians are looking to welcome in a new era of baseball in Cleveland. To do so, the team is offering its fans every opportunity to be full of energy and excited to cheer on their team.

Specifically, the Guardians recently announced a new in-stadium drink that could be alluded to jet fuel. It combines caffeine, with liqueur, with an easy-to-drink delivery method in the form of a slushie.

In other words, no wall is safe because any one fan who drinks one of the team’s new drinks might run through them.

Earlier this week, Cleveland announced that Progressive field will be serving Jäegermeister Cold Brew slushies.

Jäeger cold brew coffee combines the classic liqueur with strong roasted Arabic coffee and a hint of cacao. The Guardians are taking that already-dangerous concoction, throwing it into a slushie machine and serving it as a cold pick-me-up for hot summer days.

Of course, Jäeger on its own has long put many of the finest drinkers down. Whether it come in bomb form, shot form, or mixed into a juice or soda, there is a certain element to the liqueur that kicks things up a notch.

It’s no joke and there are plenty of people who have horror stories from a night with one too many Jäeger shots. Now it’s being taken up a notch.

By combining Jäeger with cold brew, it takes the alcohol buzz and adds a caffeine kick. And then you add the slushie element, which everybody knows is hard to sip in moderation when it’s hot and sticky out during the dog days of summer.

If Cleveland becomes the rowdiest baseball city in America this season, we know why.