I’ve Fought A Lot Of Fish In My Life, But I’ve Never Caught A Fish So Powerful It Made Me Get Sick Like This Bro

Cobia fight hard. They are a pelagic species of saltwater fish that you can target in pretty much all warm water across the Americas (North and South) as well as in Australian waters, and they are an absolutely DELICIOUS fish on the dinner table. Now when I said they fight hard I mean it’s a pretty good fight, and the IGFA all tackle world record for Cobia is 135 pounds 9 ounces (caught in Australia in 1985), so obviously that fight increases as the fish get bigger.

With that said, it’s still only a 135-pound cobia, it’s not a 500-pound marlin, or a 300-pound yellowfin tuna, both fish that will make you think your arms are going to fall off while fishing them on rod and reel. That’s why I’m so perplexed by this bro’s physical reaction to catching what appears to be a decent sized cobia, but by no means the catch of a lifetime. He catches his fish and the blows chunks, and presumably it’s not because he’s sea sick, it’s because he got so worked up fighting that fish that he actually vomited. That’s a first one on me…

If you’re wondering where Cobia ranks on my list of ‘The 25 Best Tasting Fish in the World‘ you’ll just have to click that link and find out by reading the article yourself.

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