Coco Crisp Is Selling His Mansion With A Private Lake And A Whiffle Ball Field For Just $10 Million If You’re Interested

coco crisp

Coco Crisp isn’t even that good.

Ya the 36-year-old has been in the league for over a decade, got himself a World Series ring with the Sox eight years ago, and was the AL stolen base co-champion in 2011, but he hasn’t given enough to this earth to justify this insane $10 million Californian ranch property.

According to Coco’s realtor, the 17,870-square-foot Mediterranean-style estate was built back in 2008 and includes a whiffle ball field with a light up scoreboard, a game room, a private lake, a swimming pool with a grotto, a home theater with stadium seating, a saltwater aquarium, a wine cellar, and an indoor bar. It has seven bedrooms and NINE bathrooms. So for those scoring at home, Coco can take a dump in a different bathroom every day of the week.

Looking at these photos makes me feel extra good about not being able to pay rent on time this month.

coco crisp 2

coco crisp 3

coco crisp

coco crisp 4

coco crisp 5

coco crisp 7

coco crisp 8

coco crisp 11

coco crisp 12


coco crisp 14

coco crisp 15

Just a quick look at an MLB players paystub to really drive home the fact that I’m a poor piece of shit…

[h/t Busted Coverage]