Cole Beasley Blasts Cowboys Front Office In Twitter Rant Days After Liking Instagram Post Ripping Jerry Jones ‘By Accident’

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

I KNEW IT! I called bullshit last week when Cole Beasley liked an Instagram post that put the burden of the Cowboys ineptitude on its owner, Jerry Jones, who cares more about money than winning championships. Beasley said he liked the post “by accident,” but I’ve been doing this far too long to believe that garbage.

Beasley is 29 and a free agent, so the thought of sticking with a team that hasn’t even sniffed the success they enjoyed in the 90s, when Troy Aikman led them to three Super Bowl victories in four years. On a personal note, Beasley’s per-game targets dropped from 6.14 to 4.45 after the Cowboys acquired No. 1 receiver Amari Cooper from the Oakland Raiders. Despite the drop in opportunities, this past season was the second best of Beasley’s career, with 65 receptions on 85 targets and 672 yards.

With Dallas having seven receivers on the roster for next season, Beasley doesn’t think there’s room for his 5’8” frame. He took to Twitter to sound off on the Cowboys front office and the influence it has over on-field production, or lack thereof.

So where will Beasley end up next season……


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