Colin Cowherd Humblebrags (Twice) That LIV Offered Him Six Figures To ‘Do Stuff,’ Fans Don’t Believe Him

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With LIV Golf throwing money around like it grows on trees over the past several months and with them now merging with the PGA Tour, seemingly everyone even tangentially related to professional golf is getting rich(er). (Except for Tiger Woods who is probably now regretting turning down a reported $800 million to jump ship to LIV.)

So, never one to like being left out of the conversation, Fox Sports talking head Colin Cowherd now claims that he too was offered a wheelbarrow full of cash to do work for LIV Golf.

“I was offered six figures to do some reads for the LIV Golf tour,” Cowherd said on his show on Tuesday. “I didn’t accept it, but I didn’t bad mouth other hosts that did. That’s the difference [between him and numerous people associated with the PGA Tour].

“I was offered six figures to do stuff with LIV Golf,” Cowherd reiterated, in case anyone didn’t hear him say it the first time. “I was invited to tournaments, I said no thank you, but I didn’t lecture sportscasters that did, I didn’t lecture anybody that did.

“I’m not in their shoes. I don’t pay their taxes. I don’t have their life. I don’t know what’s going on. Stop lecturing.”

While Colin Cowherd goes on to make a few valid points, it appears that much of it was lost on his viewers and listeners who only wanted to focus on the fact that he (twice) pointed out that he was offered a bunch of money to work for LIV Golf and turned it down.

“This didn’t happen,” someone tweeted.

“This is the most Cowherd clip that he has ever Cowherded,” another person commented.

“Colin also claims to have had dinner about once a week with a different NFL executive or GM…but he can never say who or why they would be having dinner with him,” another viewer voiced.

“All he ever does is lecture athletes about what they say or did wrong off the field/court. He’s a lying hypocrite,” wrote another viewer.

“He is literally lecturing right now,” someone else pointed out.

“Why would LIV, offer you anything, you don’t golf and you have never talked about golf on your show. Let’s hear more lies about your sources. Hahaha hahahaha hahaha hahahaha hahaha,” tweeted another viewer.

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