College Baseball Player Gets Shot In The Middle Of Game While Standing In Bullpen

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We’re only just about halfway through the 2023 college baseball season and we’ve already had more than enough strange stories for a year.

There was the umpire who admitted to intentionally calling a ball a strike to end a game early.

And who could forget the announcer who accidentally called a batter the “designated Hitler.” Yeah, that player is never living that one down.

But over the weekend, we got the most bizarre, and nearly most tragic story yet.

Julianne McShane of NBC News reports that a game involving Texas A&M-Texarkana was halted Saturday after a stray bullet struck a player standing in the bullpen.

Texarkana police shared news of the incident on Facebook.

“We are investigating a shooting at George Dobson Field at Spring Lake Park that happened about 5:30 this afternoon,” the post said. “The victim is an 18 year old Texas A&M – Texarkana ball player who was standing in the bullpen area. It appears that he struck by a stray bullet from some type of altercation in a nearby neighborhood to the west of the park.
“He was taken to St. Michael Hospital , where he is headed into surgery now. The baseball game was called, and BSA officials made the decision to end the Scout-O-Rama that was happening in another area of the park early as a precaution.”
Thankfully, the police later stated that the player was in stable condition. They also issued the following update on the situation.
“We have some more information that we can share with you about what happened last night at the baseball game where a Texas A&M University baseball player was shot. Our detectives worked through the night and were able to identify the two men directly involved.”
The Red River Athletic Conference ruled the game a no-contest in what much be the most-bizarre ending to a baseball game you’ll ever see.
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