A College Basketball Team Forgot Its Jerseys For A Game And Awkwardly Wore Its Opponent’s Warmup Shirts

Fans React To Coppin State Forgetting Jerseys Against Drexel

Getty Image / Bryan Bennett

  • The Coppin State Men’s Basketball team reportedly forgot their team’s jerseys for a game against Drexler on Tuesday
  • Instead of playing ‘Shirts vs. Skins’, Coppin State borrowed Drexel’s warmup shirts so both teams played the game wearing Drexel gear which made for a very odd contest
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Drexel Men’s Basketball hosted Coppin State on Tuesday in a very odd matchup. The Coppin State Eagles (1-14) put up a fight but lost 69-76 to the Drexel Dragons (5-5).

Anyone walking into the arena would’ve likely been confused because both teams were wearing Drexel shirts. This is because Coppin State reportedly forgot to bring their team jerseys and they were forced to borrow Drexel’s warmup shirts instead of forfeiting the game.

College Basketball fans were quick to take notice of this bizarre matchup and everyone had some thoughts on it.

Fans React To Coppin State Wearing Drexel’s Warmups

For what it’s worth, these are the jerseys they allegedly forgot: