These Would Be The Top Ranked CFB And NFL Teams If Every 1-Score Game Went The Other Way This Season

These Would Be The Top Ranked CFB And NFL Teams If Every 1-Score Game Went The Other Way This Season

Getty Image / Timothy T Ludwig

  • The College Football season is over for the vast majority of teams and the NFL regular season concludes on Sunday, January 9th
  • For all the ‘what might’ve been’ fans out there, here’s a look at what the College Football and NFL rankings would look like if every close game went the other way
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It’s been a weird season of football, both in College Football and in the NFL. Lots of players have had to sit out, big names jumped around, and some early contenders proved to be duds. This has been a major ‘what if???’ season for millions of football fans.

In an alternate universe where things went slightly better, it was the best season in decades for the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Buffalo Bills. The Bills currently occupy the #4 seed in the AFC but they were crazy close to being the #1 seed. And in college, the Nebraska Cornhuskers would’ve been the #1 ranked team in the US if they’d won all of their 1-score games instead of losing them.

This is a hypothetical glance at what college football and the NFL would look like if every 1-score game was reversed. So if every team that won the 1-score games actually lost that game and every team that lost those game actually won those games. Nebraska would’ve had EIGHT MORE WINS!!! Let’s check out college football first with the NFL below that.

College Football Rankings If Every 1-Score Game Was Reversed

And here’s the rest of the FBS:

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As for the NFL, the Buffalo Bills would have the best record in the entire league. They’d only have one loss this season, the blowout loss to the Colts.

NFL Standings If Every One-Score Game Had The Opposite Result

The defending Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers wouldn’t even be in the playoffs this season if every 1-score game result was flipped! Interestingly, the Bears still suck and Matt Nagy is a horrible head coach. The Panthers being a 9-7 team is actually hilarious considering how they’ve been one of the worst NFL teams in the land this season, even more so after Cam arrived.

For anyone out there who pre-season bet the Buffalo Bills over at 12.5 wins, they can at least know they were successful in the alternate universe.