The 2016 College Lacrosse All Flow Team — By Division

You smell that? It’s Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Light Conditioner baby. The BroBible College Lacrosse All Flow Team is back!

This was, by far, the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do online. Looking through thousands of pictures of dudes and judging them by their hair is no easy task. Is he using products? Is that more of a mullet? Is the lighting too much here? There was so much to think about. It is as weird as you make it.

I, like a few others my age, grew up during the Golden Age of Flow. Flow has never been about long hair; it is the pursuit of that perfect hair-to-steeze ratio. Is the lettuce coming out of the back of your bucket a huge part of it? Of course it is. The lettuce on this list is delivery-day-at-Kroger iceberg fresh. But it’s about more than just long hair. Tradition is just what separates us from animals.

The D1, D2, and D3 teams are self explanatory. I questioned whether or not I would do the All Stache Team again, but soon after I began searching through rosters it became clear that if I didn’t honor them it would be an injustice to the hard work some guys put in to cultivate the perfect, disgusting mustache. The All Name and All Italian teams are devoted to the children whose parents made terrible choices and my greasy Italian brethren. The “WTF” team is dedicated to those who had …something… in their roster picture that couldn’t be categorized. I couldn’t tell whether or not some of y’all were trying to be Kenny Powers or Ted Bundy.


Notable teams with amazing roster pictures: RIT (D3), Franklin Pierce (D2), Berry (D3).

To see the filthiest lettuce and facial hair and names that college lacrosse has to offer, click on each category below. For last year’s college lacrosse All Flow Team, click here.