Overconfident Ravens Fan Loses Bet, Is Forced To Eat Something That Will Make His Poop Purple

by 3 years ago

As a Cleveland Browns fan, I can’t tell you how stoked I am to see the Baltimore Ravens—yes, the same Ravens who USED to be my Browns before relocating—sitting with a shitty record of 1-6 following their Monday Night Football loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

One guy who isn’t so thrilled is Ravens fan Ryan Blake, who, prior to the team’s game against the Cards, made a friendly little bet with his buddies that he would eat crayons should Baltimore lose, with Blake guaranteeing that the team wouldn’t lose its sixth game of the year.

Bad idea, bro.

After the team lost, Blake held up to his end of the bargain, spreading mustard and some other condiments for each crayon he ate, which represented the six losses so far by Baltimore.

Here’s what he told BalimoreRavens.com about making any future bets after coming up on the short end here:

“I haven’t thought much about future games yet. I’m willing to make this same bet if we lose to Bye Week. I hear they have a shaky secondary and we should be able to exploit them. I’m sure I’ll at least do something for the next Steelers game.”

Whether it’s taking the SATs drunk following a fantasy football bet or eating crayons after a wager, it might be time to just watch the games and not —unless you want your shit to be purple for the next few days.

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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