Congress Reportedly Receives Information About Washington Commanders Withholding Ticket Revenue That Was Supposed To Be Shared With The Rest Of The League


Getty Image / Rob Carr

  • Congress expanded its investigation into the Washington Commanders this week
  • Today it was reported that they have received information that the Commanders had withheld ticket revenue
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Everything is still a mess for the Washington Commanders. When it was reported that Congress was expanding their probe of the Commanders to look into alleged financial irregularities, it came as a bit of a surprise to football fans. It turns out that they had a pretty good reason to expand the probe.

Today, Front Office Sports is reporting that Congress has received information that the Commanders allegedly withheld ticket revenue that was supposed to be shared with the rest of the league.

According to NFL revenue sharing rules, teams are supposed to give 40% of ticket revenues for each home game to the league for it to be shared with the visiting team. The report states that the Commanders withheld part of that 40%. This doesn’t just impact team finances, but impacts the salary cap as ticket revenue is factored into the salary cap for the following season.

This investigation began as a probe into allegations of workplace misconduct in the Commanders’ organization. That investigation has already resulted in a $10 million fine for owner Dan Snyder. The investigation has also led to investigations by the league and the team into the workplace environment.

Over the course of the investigation, there have been allegations of the Commanders trying to impede it. It also ended up leading to the resignation of Jon Gruden as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders. Emails between him and Bruce Allen, who had served as GM of the Commanders, contained a number of problematic exchanges.

This latest report is just another in a long list of problems for the Commanders and it makes you wonder just how many more issues this investigation will uncover.