Conor McGregor’s Cheeky Interview On ‘Conan’ Was More Entertaining Than Most UFC Fights

“The Notorious One” Conor McGregor appeared on Conan Wednesday night to talk about upcoming UFC Lightweight title fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 and it was, as expected, must-see TV.

Arguably, the best parts of any Conor McGregor fight are the press conferences and interviews leading up to the fight and this time it was no different. McGregor has a gift of gab rarely seen outside of professional wrestling and during his interview with Conan O’Brien he was once again in rare form.

When asked asked what he saw when he looked into Khabib’s eyes during their wild press conference, McGregor replied, “His eyeballs turned to glass, the blood rushes from his body and sprints out of his arse.”

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Of course, being the promotional machine that he is, McGregor also had to get a plug in for his new whiskey (which he says is better than Jameson).

“I’m two days away from the biggest fight of my life, so I’m only going to drink half the bottle!” he joked (we think).

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McGregor also talked about a gift he got for his 30th birthday, a marble statue of himself, that he has to keep in his garage because it’s so huge.

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He also discussed how he still hasn’t given back the UFC Lightweight Championship belt because he still feels he is the rightful champion – something that will be true if he wins the fight at UFC 229.

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When discussing Khabib’s fighting style and the fact that he once wrestled a Dagestani bear, McGregor boasted that while that may be true, Nurmagomedov’s never wrestled an Irish gorilla before.

And finally, no McGregor interview would be complete without some talk of Floyd Mayweather. Conor admitted that Mayweather beat him “fair and square” even though Floyd wasn’t much of an aggressor during the bout.

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