Conor McGregor, Of All People, Dropped One Of The Most Reasonable Takes On The US Presidential Election

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Conor McGregor took some time out from training for UFC 205 and bumping around NYC in his SICK $350,000 Rolls-Royce to do an interview with BT Sport on Tuesday.

Considering that it was Election Day in America he was asked, as an Irishmen and a man who spends a lot of time in the United States, what he thought of the election. His response was something I think most people would do well to consider now that all is said and done.

“I just could not give a bollocks, with all due respect, the whole thing is weird to me. The public are just brainwashed into thinking something is going to happen with this one.”

“I don’t think either of those two contenders, or whatever they are, have power in anything, anyway. But whatever, it is what it is.”

Numerous commenters on the video were in 100% agreement with “The Notorious One”…

“Respect levels for this guy have gone up! Conor is awake!!”

“Seeing my favourite fighter repeat what I say verbatim is amazing. Always said the president / prime minister is just a front or face and has significantly less power than people imagine.”

“I can’t believe that the person who sums up my opinions the best, is an MMA fighter. I genuinely could not have said it better myself.”

“Finally someone smart enough to tell everyone what will happen, precisely nothing.”

“The only person who has spoken any sense about this election.”


Leave it to someone like Conor McGregor, who isn’t as emotionally invested, to throw a little perspective on things. No matter who won, as much as the other side would have hated it, we still have something called checks and balances and another election in four more years if we don’t like what’s been taking place.

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