Conor McGregor Sure Looks Like He’s Smoking That Devil’s Lettuce In This New Instagram Picture

Either Conor McGregor is a poor person who rolls his own cigarettes or the dude is taking down  what my mother refers to as a ‘marijuana cigarette’ at club in New York City. And that ‘poor person’ theory holds about as much weight as as wet paper towel because, well…

conor mcgregor

And by the looks of those eyes, it looks like the only thing McGregor is preparing to fight are the munchies while sitting through a Pixar movie. Is it allergy season bro or are you about to pop on a Pink Floyd album and sink into a Lazy Boy?


McGregor technically isn’t breaking the rules for smoking the wacky tobaccy considering the UFC’s drug-testing policy is overseen by the United States Anti-Doping Agency, which does not prohibit the use of cannabinoids such as marijuana out of competition, according to the NY Post.

His rival, Nate Diaz, has been far more transparent with his smoking habits, considering he was vaping some purple urkel in his post-match interview following his loss to McGregor in UFC-202 just last month.

Subtle, Nate. Subtle.

Live Above the Influence, bros. Just kidding, you have a reliable guy? Mine’s been less reliable than a Comcast representative lately.


Instagram/Meme Creator

Smoke on, bros. Smoke on.

[h/t NY Post]

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