These Conspiracy Theories About The Patriots Making It To Yet Another Super Bowl Are Fantastic

Conspiracy Theories Patriots Super Bowl

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With the New England Patriots mounting a tremendous comeback to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 24 to 20 to win the AFC Championship for the 10th time, the conspiracy theories have been flowing fast and furious. Apparently going to the Super Bowl for the third in four years will do that. That, and you know, being the Patriots.

Anyway, just like Saints fans after their losses to the Vikings and Falcons, people all over the internet are espousing numerous conspiracy theories that the NFL is rigged to help the Patriots make their 10th Super Bowl appearance since 1985.

Jaguars linebacker Myles Jack is one among the many that believe he got hosed on a forced fumble not being called that should have resulted in a Jags touchdown, among other things, during the AFC title game.

After the game, Jack “liked” a tweet by Oakland Raiders linebacker Bruce Irvin posted where he was joking (I think) about the referees working for New England.

After the game, when told of the penalty discrepancy between Jacksonville and New England Jack just said, “Interesting. My thoughts on that is … yeah, that’s kind of self-explanatory. I didn’t know that.”

Jack and Irvin were just the tip of the NFL conspiracy iceberg though, because, like I said… Patriots.

Love it.