Study Reveals The Cost To Be A Fan Of All 32 NFL Teams (Bills Fans Should Get A Refund)

Cost To Be Fan NFL Teams

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Remember last year when we shared a study that ranked all 32 NFL teams based on how expensive it is to be a fan of them? And how the study revealed that Jacksonville Jaguars fans were the NFL fans getting hosed the most when it comes to cost? Yeah, well, Jags fans are still getting hosed, just not as badly as Bills, Raiders and Lions fans are now.

The same folks who compiled last year’s study, vacation rental search engine HomeToGo, just completed this year’s Football Price Index and it’s no wonder the Bills Mafia is so nuts. They are paying way too much to see a team that hasn’t won 10 games in a season since 1999 (and only made the playoffs once since then as well).

Five factors were researched for each of the 32 teams including the price of tickets, game day snacks for every game, and travel and accommodation for away games. The unique differences of each team’s schedule, coupled with the significant differences in ticket prices, resulted in a difference of several thousand dollars between the cheapest and most expensive NFL teams.

Here are some of their key findings…

• The Buffalo Bills are the most expensive team to support in 2018, at an estimated $7,991.15 for the season.
• The Washington Redskins are the cheapest team to support in 2018, at an estimated $4,469.26 for the season.
• Fans of the Los Angeles Rams will spend less on transportation than any other fanbase in the NFL, at $1,063.00 for the whole season.
• Accommodation is cheapest for fans of the Cincinnati Bengals, with one night’s stay at each of their away games costing a total of $451.85 for the season.
• Beer is cheapest for Cincinnati Bengals fans; buying a small draft at every home and away game would cost $94.75.
• Hot dogs are most affordable for Atlanta Falcons fans, costing $60.00 for one at each home and away game.
• Titans fans pay less to see the game against the Chargers in London ($884) than Eagles fans pay to see the game against the Panthers in Charlotte ($997).

Cost To Be Fan All NFL Teams

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Here are the 10 cheapest NFL teams to be a fan of, based on tickets, beer, hot dogs, transportation, and accomodations…

1. Washington Redskins: $4,469.26
2. Atlanta Falcons: $4,617.19
3. New York Giants: $4,744.39
4. Pittsburgh Steelers: $4,746.13
5. Cincinnati Bengals: $4,919.47
6. Los Angeles Rams: $4,976.12
7. New Orleans Saints: $5,042.45
8. New York Jets: $5,173.39
9. Chicago Bears: $5,308.51
10. Tennessee Titans: $5,545.01

Cost To Be Fan All 32 NFL Teams

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And here are the 10 most expensive NFL teams for fans…

32. Buffalo Bills: $7,991.15
31. Houston Texans: $7,620.84
30. Oakland Raiders: $7,292.13
29. Detroit Lions: $7,082.55
28. Seattle Seahawks: $7,059.66
27. Philadelphia Eagles: $6,985.36
26. Jacksonville Jaguars: $6,679.27
25. San Francisco 49ers: $6,525.58
24. Carolina Panthers: $6,377.89
23. Miami Dolphins: $6,376.84

For the cost of supporting each of the 32 NFL teams for the 2018 season and a full methodology, please visit