Cubs Prank Rookie Kris Bryant After He Hits His First Career Home Run

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Cubs’ rookie Kris Bryant hit his first Major League home run in his 92nd career plate appearance Saturday, one of the only high points in the teams 12-4 loss to the Brewers. As he touched home plate after his third inning blast, he was greeted by no one. The entire Cubs’ dugout had b-lined it for the clubhouse, robbing Bryant of the mosh pit that traditionally ensues after a rookie loses his home run virginity. He played it cool, though, immediately running back into the clubhouse without breaking stride.

Bryant said after the game:

“They do that a lot of times with the rookies, so, it was pretty funny that they all came in here. They were all waiting over there by the door. And then, kind of like a mosh pit, punching me and all that kind of stuff. Yeah, it was fun.”


I struck out to lose the game during my sixth grade Little League championship. You have no idea what lonely is, Kris.

[H/T For The Win]

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