Dak Prescott Shares His Two Cents About Lamar Jackson’s Contract Situation

Dak Prescott

Getty Image / Cooper Neill

Jalen Hurts just secured the bag with the Philadelphia Eagles all while Lamar Jackson sits in limbo waiting for his deal with the Baltimore Ravens.

We’re possibly going to see multiple quarterbacks receive an upgrade in pay, as both Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow are in line for a new deal as well.

Having said that, it sounds like Dak Prescott has some opinions about what’s going on with Jackson, as he shares his two cents about that situation.

During a guest appearance on The Adam Schefter Podcast, Prescott was asked about the situation going on in Baltimore.

As you’d expect, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback didn’t want to go into much detail, as it’s a scenario Lamar Jackson must figure out himself.

Even so, Dak Prescott weighed in, claiming, “I support those guys getting their money. Hopefully, he’s next, and he tops Jalen.”

Additionally, Prescott is confident that Jackson will eventually sign a contract. Whether that’s with the Ravens or not is yet to be determined.

But at the very least, Dak Prescott is very much in Lamar Jackson’s corner.

Rumors are that Baltimore offered Jackson $200 million in guaranteed money.

For now, though, Jackson remains on the franchise tag, which he has denied to sign so far.

It makes sense why Schefter would ask Dak Prescott about Jackson’s contract situation though. Prescott had his fair share of drama when negotiating his deal with the Cowboys.

In the end, we’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out for Baltimore and their superstar quarterback.