Dallas Cowboys Being Linked To Trade For Pro Bowler

Dallas Cowboys end zone

Getty Image / Robin Alam

This offseason, the Dallas Cowboys decided to make a big change at running back.

After 7 years with former 4th overall pick Ezekiel Elliott as their starter, the Cowboys decided it was time to move on from Elliott’s enormous contract.

They already had his replacement lined up when they made the decision.

They had drafted Tony Pollard in the 4th round of the 2019 draft and last season, he was clearly the best running back on the team.

The Cowboys ended up franchise tagging Pollard to keep him with the team for the 2023 season in a move that seemed like a pretty clear indication that they expect him to be their starter next season and potentially for a few more years after if they can work out a longer deal.

Despite this, the Cowboys have still been linked with running backs throughout the offseason.

There had been speculation in the past about them potentially drafting Bijan Robinson.

That move has become increasingly unlikely as the draft approaches, but they are now being linked to a move for another high-profile running back.

According to Cowboys Country, they are now being linked to a potential move for Minnesota Vikings star Dalvin Cook.

This would be a pretty surprising move for the Cowboys.

They have already invested $10 million in keeping Tony Pollard around for next season. Cook carries a $14 million cap hit for next season.

Cook isn’t expected to command a ton of draft capital in a trade, so that wouldn’t be a deterrent and the combination of Cook and Pollard would give the Cowboys one of the NFL’s best backfields, but $24 million is just way too much to invest in your backfield in one season.

It wouldn’t be shocking to see Dalvin Cook traded over the course of the draft and he could even potentially end up with the Dallas Cowboys, but that would be a pretty surprising outcome.