Dan Campbell Calls Out One Of The Biggest Issues With The NFL Combine As Only He Can

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell

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It’s been pretty hard not to root for the Detroit Lions since Dan Campbell was hired to helm the team in 2021, as the former tight end wasted no time establishing himself as one of the most consummate Football Guys in the NFL.

Campbell came hot out of the gate at the introductory press conference where he deployed the phrase “We are going to bite a kneecap off,” which marked the grand arrival of the man who’s cemented himself as an absolute Quote Machine.

You could argue Campbell’s machismo-fueled approach to football has left a bit to be desired when you consider he’s posted a 12-27-1 record during his time with the Lions, but it does seem like the franchise is being somewhat patient as he continues to try to turn things around in Detroit.

The team will have the chance to add some solid talent in the upcoming NFL Draft, and Campbell is one of the many people who’ve made the trip to Indianapolis this week to do some scouting at the NFL Combine.

In recent months, there has been a growing number of indicators that suggest the combine as we know it may be on its last legs as a number of influential figures in the football world have called its usefulness into question.

It would appear Campbell may also fall into that camp, as he’s become the latest person to downplay the importance of at least one aspect of the showcase based on what he had to say on Wednesday.

While some teams may keep a close eye on the numbers prospective players post during the various physical trial they’re subjected to over the course of the NFL Combine, it sounds like Campbell could not care less about how players fare in the 40-yard dash or on the bench press when you consider this vintage soundbite he dropped while speaking with the media.

Well said.

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