Dana White Goes Off On Jon Jones For Failing Drug Test Before UFC 200


UFC President Dana White is not happy with Jon Jones at the moment. White went on Colin Cowherd’s radio show on Friday to rip the former UFC light heavyweight champion a new asshole for testing positive for a banned substance before UFC 200.

“How many chances can you give this guy? There’s nothing for me and Jon Jones to talk about,” “I haven’t [talked to him] and I’m not gonna. There is nothing for us to talk about … The guy is a professional and I truly believe, and I’m not the biggest Jon Jones fan right now, but I truly believe that he took a supplement that had this stuff in it and it wasn’t intentional.

I truly believe that, but at the same time, come on! You’re 28 years old. You’re arguably the greatest talent to step foot in this sport, right? Call USADA and tell them what supplements you’re taking!

“You’ve already been through this history of absolute madness. Why would you, for get to us, why would you do this to yourself? You’re a grown up. And the guys that are around him are just as bad. The guys who are supposed to be looking out for him and watching his back, give me a break. Jon should’ve cleaned house a long time ago. That’s what Jon should have done.”

White has every reason to be pissed off at Jones. Jones has been a knucklehead for years now and keeps getting himself into idiotic situations that could have been easily avoided. Let’s just hope that this latest transgressions doesn’t end his career because that would be an enormous waste of talent.