D’Angelo Russell Tells Fan To ‘Suck His D*ck’ After He Heckles Him With Hilarious Snitch Sign

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Last season, D’Angelo Russell “pranked” Nick Young by recording him talking about cheating on his former fiancée Iggy Azalea, without Young’s consent. The video somehow got leaked and Russell’s ‘snitch’ label has followed him around like a herpe sore ever since. Lakers players made the then 20-year-old Young sit alone at team breakfast and trashed him in the media.

Fast forward eight months and Young’s wounds still appear to be fresh. This was evident in Thursday night’s game, as the Los Angeles Lakers traveled to Sacramento to face the Kings at Golden 1 Center.

Before the game, a Kings fan brought a ‘D’Angelo leaked Hillary’s email’ sign to heckle Young. I’ll let him tell the story from here.

“So last night I get a chance to attend the Kings vs. Lakers game at the beautiful new Golden 1 Center. Thanks to a close friend our seats were right next to the Lakers bench. So of course we get in a little old fashion heckling on D’angelo Russell because frankly he deserves it. So I make this sign “D’angelo leaked Hillary’s emails” and start showing it around. Get a laugh from Metta Worldpeace, a thumbs up from Matt Barnes. But then I get D’angelo walking out of the tunnel with the sign where he turns directly at me, looks in my face and yells “suck my d*ck” (volume up on video). Classic style. Then to make it even better, D’angelo went on to show his true snitch colors by telling on me to Kings security, saying I was antagonizing him and that my sign was “derogatory”. Never change D’angelo #sacramentoproud #kingsnation #stopsnitchin“

This is going to follow Young to his grave. Poor bastard.

[h/t Total Pro Sports]

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