Poker Legend Daniel Negreau Shares Best Piece Of Advice For First-Time WSOP Players

Daniel Negreanu WSOP poker player

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The 2023 World Series of Poker is less than a week away from getting started. This year marks the 54th annual WSOP in Las Vegas and this year it will run from May 30th to July 18th, spanning 95 individual poker tournaments in total.

Daniel Negreanu has had one of the most successful WSOP careers of any poker player in history. He sits 2nd on the all-time WSOP money list with $21,595,402 in World Series of Poker earnings (225 cashes). And he’s tied for 9th all-time in bracelets with 6 (and 1 WSOP ring).

Days ahead of the 2023 WSOP, Daniel Negreanu sat down with Jonathan Little of Poker Coaching and they spoke for an hour about all things poker. Little is a very accomplished player himself with $7,789,140 in live earnings, according to the HendonMob database.

Jonathan asked Daniel Negreanu for his best piece of advice for WSOP newcomers. In addition to giving advice to newcomers, The Kid Poker also shared advice for seasoned vets.

Daniel Negreanu’s Advice To WSOP Newcomers

For first timers, Daniel’s biggest piece of advice was to ‘have fun.’ It sounds simple, but he really hammered that WSOP newcomers should be soaking up the experience and not just stressing over tournament performance.

Negreanu said it’s important to “understand that it’s a (form of) entertainment” and that most newcomers are “probably going to lose.” The chances of winning money when you only play 3 tournaments are very low.

He also advised newcomers to play their own game. Suggesting that first-timers shouldn’t be intimidated by players they may recognize and all of sudden need to change their game based on who they’re playing. Daniel says to “do what you do best, do what you know.”

The Kid Poker then says if it is someone going out to Las Vegas “with a very limited bankroll” but wants to play poker professionally, the approach is very different.

Daniel says that type of player needs to “be much more mindful of the bankroll, the stakes that you’re playing” and “making sure that you’re finding tournaments that are really good value.”

How to follow the WSOP from home this year

If you’re one of the millions of poker fans who loves the game but are unable to travel to Las Vegas, you’re in luck. Many of the events stream on PokerGo, there are constant chip count updates on the WSOP website, and I’ll be writing countless articles over the coming months. Jonathan Little is an invaluable resource on Twitter and YouTube.

Furthermore, there’s Daniel Negreanu’s daily WSOP vlogs. On his YouTube channel, The Kid Poker puts together daily recaps of his tournaments, hands played, meeting fans, and everything in between.

Over the years his WSOP vlogs have become arguably the best supplemental YouTube content during the WSOP because they provide a unique perspective. You can find Daniel’s YouTube channel here.

If you need any more convincing of Daniel’s poker prowess, here is his breakdown of poker earnings from 2022 and how it’s related to the past. D-Negs has earned around $50 million playing poker, that we know of…