Darrelle Revis’ Former Manager Blasts Him On Twitter, Calls Him A Fake And Accuses Him Of Doing Drugs

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Yesterday, 60 Minutes aired a segment profiling Jets superstar cornerback Darrelle Revis–covering everything from his modest lifestyle to his perceived greediness stemming from signing five new contracts in seven years.

The 13-minute segment is an interesting glimpse into the mind and body of one of, if not the best, cornerback in world. Revis remains level-headed and reasonable throughout the entire interview, even when prodded with the cliched “Do you believe you’re the best cornerback in the world?” questions.

The noncontroversial segment inexplicably struck a chord with Revis’ former manager, John Geiger, who shot off a series of reckless tweets while tuning into the program. According to Complex, Geiger used to handle everything for Revis–including acquiring endorsement deals with Nike, Google, and Range Rover, sending out tweets for him, and arranging appearances. Geiger even once considered Revis his “best friend.”

The two don’t speak anymore, however. Geiger claims that particularly after Revis won a Super Bowl with the Patriots, many people around Revis, namely his agents, weren’t comfortable with Geiger’s integral role in Revis’ business. Geiger told Complex that after the Patriots won the Super Bowl, he wasn’t allowed on the field and Revis didn’t speak with him for over a week after.

Seems pretty petty, but the two haven’t spoken since and Geiger took Revis’ 60 Minutes segment as an opportunity to lambaste the cornerback on Twitter, calling Revis “fake,” claiming the segment was peppered in lies, and indicating that Revis’ uncle received far too much credit for Revis’ success on and off the field. Geiger even tried to take credit for Revis’ newfound love of art, tweeting “that fool so wouldn’t know about any art exhibit without me.”

The incensed tweets have since been deleted, but New York Post reporter Bart Hubbuch screenshotted them and posted them on his Twitter. They are extremely entertaining.



A fake. A liar. A druggy. A betrayer.


Sour grapes, bro. Move on. You’re embarrassing yourself.

Click here to view the entire 60 Minutes segment.

[h/t Complex]