Darrelle Revis Snaps Back At J.R. Smith After He Zinged Him For His Lackluster Start To The Season


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If you’re a supremely compensated cornerback in the NFL and you’re underperforming, you’re a walking dead man. $75 million man Josh Norman is playing like he’s got a dump in his pants, and cannot hear the end of it. America resents the overpaid.

Darrelle Revis will don a Jets uniform for the next five years, a job that will pay him $70 million. In the Jets week 1 loss to the Bengals, the Jets let A.J. Green bukkake their defense to the tune of 12 catches for 180 yards and a touchdown.

This past Thursday, Revis Island also got burned on this 84-yard bomb to Marquise Goodwin.

After the game, Cleveland Cavs guard J.R. Smith had some thoughts on Revis’ lackluster start to the season.

Revis played the Hall of Fame card, which is the card I’d play for literally every confrontation if I had one.

Darrelle tried to iron things out by saying that both of them will have their place in history. Probably a good idea considering J.R. Smith will probably eat your children if you push him.

Cross-sport shit talking. Social media has truly evolved.

[h/t Cincinatti.com]

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