Darren Waller’s New Tattoos Get Mixed Reviews From NFL Fans

Darren Waller

Getty Image / Gaelen Morse

Darren Waller arrived at the NFL Pro Bowl with some new ink and football fans can’t agree if they like them or not.

They’re actually not bad tattoos. Maybe some fans have an issue with the placement. Either way, the Las Vegas Raiders star sparked a debate on social media.

Willie G. Ramirez shared images of the two new tattoos Darren Waller received. Both of them are on his head, so he’s rocking a bald look these days.

So, the Raiders’ star has a new tattoo of what looks like a hawk on one side of his head, while having an angel on the other.

They are well-done tattoos and will likely look fine as they heal. Regardless, football fans shared their opinions.

If Waller likes them, then who cares?

Sometimes just a single emoji is all that’s needed.

A head tattoo sounds incredibly painful.

This was a pretty big decision by Darren Waller.

In the end, Waller seems like his tattoos and that’s really all that matters.