David Blatt Got Canned By The Cavs And The Internet’s Reacting In The Most Savage Way Imaginable


As we told you a little earlier, the Eastern Conference leading Cleveland Cavaliers canned head coach David Blatt in just his second year with the team, which, besides being shocking, is pretty fucking ironic considering the team just got blasted by the Golden State Warriors this past Monday night—who happens to be the same team that beat them in the NBA Finals last season.

With a bunch of different theories/rumors going around with why the Cavs got rid of Blatt, one thing that can’t be debated or questioned is the Internet’s creativity on the manner, as memes and tweets are at an all-time best regarding Blatt, superstar LeBron James and, well, just take a look at some of these gems and give yourself a good laugh.

Only in Cleveland can a first place team fire its head coach.

SMH, Internet, you never fail to disappoint.

[H/T Twitter, Bleacher Report]

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