David Ortiz Absolutely Mutilates Bobby Valentine In His Upcoming Memoir

by 10 months ago

Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The Boston Red Sox 2012 season went about as well as a Lena Dunham-run bachelor party. The Sox finished with 69 losses (nice), dead last in the AL East for the first time in two decades, and the players’ collective relationship with their new high-profile manager Bobby Valentine was as strong as a shot of O’Douls.

In his quest to make literally everyone in Boston hate him, after the season, Valentine accused Boston icon David Ortiz of quitting on the team. He had the gall to say this to Papi after battled back from a foot injury, only to come back to a sinking ship too soon, and re-injuring himself. And if that wasn’t enough, Valentine texted Ortiz after his comments and tried to blame the media on overblowing the story EVEN THOUGH HE WAS QUOTED AS SAYING PAPI QUIT ON THE TEAM. Dude’s a fucking asshole, and in his new memoir Papi: My StoryOrtiz details the gaping disconnect between Bobby and the team, and he does not mince words.

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