Police Say David Ortiz’s Shooting Was A Well-Orchestrated Hit And A Chilling Video Appears To Back The Claim Up

david ortiz shooting orchestrated hit

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On Sunday night, the sporting world was rocked after David Ortiz was shot in the back while at a bar in Santo Domingo in his native Dominican Republic in what appeared to be a robbery gone wrong.

The former player had previously expressed some concern about his safety while visiting the country, and while the shooting initially appeared to be a senseless act of violence, the story has gotten far more complex over the past few days.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Ortiz was warned about potential dangers prior to the incident and rumors began to fly that the shooting may have been ordered by a drug lord who was romantically involved with the slugger’s alleged mistress—although the woman in question claims she has nothing to do with it.

david ortiz alleged mistress speaks out


Now, according to For The Win, Dominican police have arrested six suspects in connection with the shooting and claim that at least one of them was hired to carry out what appears to be a carefully orchestrated hit (although they didn’t provide any detail concerning who may have been behind the $8,000 contract).

WSVN also provided some details that suggest the attack was far more well-coordinated than it initially appeared:

“Prosecutors have said the two men on [a] motorcycle were seen on security camera footage talking with other people in a gray Hyundai Accent and in another Hyundai in a nearby street before the shooting at a popular Santo Domingo bar on Sunday night.”

On Wednesday, a new video was released that appears to show the cars in question as well as the alleged culprit approaching Ortiz before firing off the shot.

Ortiz was rushed to the hospital before being transported to Boston to undergo surgery, and according to his wife, he’s well on his way to making a full recovery.

We’re rooting for you, Papi.

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