DeAndre Hopkins Goes Viral With Fashion Show Appearance

DeAndre Hopkins

Getty Image / Michael Owens

We’re a long way away from the 2023 NFL season. For that reason, veterans across the league are busy on vacations, or preparing for the next football year.

DeAndre Hopkins on the other hand, is taking a different approach, as he was seen walking in a fashion show.

As you can imagine, the Arizona Cardinals’ star wide receiver went viral for his appearance.

B/R Gridiron shared the clip on their Twitter page. Watch DeAndre Hopkins walk the stage in the fashion show. Just don’t ask me what he’s wearing.

Fashion shows tend to feature clothing nobody will ever wear outside of the show. That certainly seems to be the case here for DeAndre Hopkins.

Regardless, it’s kind of cool to see NFL athletes partake in other activities outside of football. Especially with Hopkins being a hot topic for trade rumors.

Even so, NFL fans couldn’t help but crack some jokes here and there after watching Hopkins take the stage.

Some fans are finding any excuse to get excited about DeAndre Hopkins potentially joining their team.

Okay, but some of us were thinking it.

This guy apparently hates fashion shows.

Overall, Hopkins is just out there having fun. Besides, what else is there for him to do in the middle of April? Especially considering he’s entering his 11th season in the NFL.

With that said, DeAndre Hopkins might as well join a fashion show or two and try his hand at modeling. So, shootout to the Cardinals receiver for going out there and giving it a shot, despite the ongoing trade rumors.