DeAndre Hopkins Teases Cardinals Fans Over Recent Trade Rumors

DeAndre Hopkins

Getty Image / Christian Petersen

After the rumor mill buzzed about a potential DeAndre Hopkins trade, nothing came to fruition.

Many believed he’d be dealt away during the NFL Draft. Instead, it appears the Arizona Cardinals may opt to keep the veteran wide receiver around.

Even so, the current state of the roster could prove otherwise, as the franchise might rather have more draft capital than Hopkins.

Having said that, it sounds like DeAndre Hopkins has a message to the fans regarding the ongoing trade rumors.

According to Gregg Rosenthal, Hopkins may want to stay in Arizona after all.

Look, there was that one clip of the Cardinals receiver reacting to different team names to indicate if he’d like to play there or not.

However, he was kind of forced into playing that game.

DeAndre Hopkins could bring in a solid trade package for the Cardinals. Additionally, we can’t rule out the possibility of the team releasing him either.

Regardless, it appears Hopkins wants to remain in Arizona. Hopefully, Kyler Murray can return from his knee injury so they can connect on the football field once again.

But, that all depends on if Murray can recover sooner than expected. There’s a chance he misses the first half of the regular season.

If that’s the case, then it might make more sense for the Cardinals to trade DeAndre Hopkins.

We’ll see how it plays out for Arizona. They could be on the struggle bus much throughout the 2023 season. Especially if the Cardinals opt to deal Hopkins away, despite his desire to stay with the team.