Deion Sanders Doesn’t Want To Coach In The NFL, Puts Rumors To Rest

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You can put the Deion Sanders to the NFL rumors to rest.

Last week, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio pondered whether Sanders would make the jump to the pros after his Colorado team won their first two games of the season.

Via Pro Football Talk

Deion can do that. It would work at the NFL level. It needs to happen at the NFL level.

The only question at this point is which owner wil decide to make an aggressive play for Deion? Much of it depends on what happens this season. It also could depend on whether, for example, having Deion as the coach of the Cardinals could be the thing that gets Caleb Williams to sign a contract in Arizona.

Regardless, someone needs to do it. And whoever does it will benefit from it. One, he’ll make the team better. Two, he’ll make the team relevant — perhaps instantly more relevant than any other team.

According to Fox Sports’ Joel Klatt, Sanders is not interested at all in coaching in the NFL because he’s focused on becoming a mentor to college kids.

“He’s not going to the NFL, Deion doesn’t want to coach in the NFL, he’s told me that point blank in my face, he believes that his role is a mentor, he loves coaching kids, this is where he feels at home…he believes that this is his ministry, to be there for kids in college, be a father for kids.”

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