Deion Sanders, Shedeur Appear To Make Amends With Jay Norvell After Jab About Sunglasses

Deion Sanders Jay Norvell Handshake Colorado State Buffaloes football
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Deion Sanders did not appreciate Jay Norvell’s comments about his character ahead of Colorado’s in-state rivalry bout against Colorado State. It was personal, again.

This year’s iteration of the Rocky Mountain Showdown was INTENSE from start to finish. It was so entertaining all week and the Prime effect is unbelievably powerful in terms of regional economic impact.

Tension between the two schools remained all of the way through the meeting of coaches in postgame. Coach Prime promised to send a clear message by removing two very specific accessory items prior to the handshake.

Deion Sanders did not remove his hat!

Norvell, in his second season as head coach of the Rams, threw gasoline on the fire earlier in the week. He fed his opponents with motivation by taking a shot at Coach Prime for not taking off his hat and sunglasses while speaking to adults.

The 60-year-old knew what he was doing. Norvell wanted to make it clear to his team how to act.

However, in doing so, he pissed off Deion, Shedeur and Shilo Sanders, as well as the other Buffaloes. It was personal.

Shilo could not understand what Norvell was thinking. Deion responded with a strong speech to his players. Shedeur called it how he sees it.

Not only did Coach Prime turn Norvell’s comments into motivation, he cashed-in. Sanders used the opportunity to promote his sunglasses line and gifted a pair of shades to nearly everybody on ESPN during Friday’s live-from-Boulder programming. Brilliant.

And then it was game time. Things were chippy, to say the least.

There were fights in pregame and during the game. Travis Hunter Jr. needed emergency care after taking a cheap shot from a Colorado State defensive back.

Prime referenced the sunglasses comments while walking on to the field.

After Lil Wayne played.

Colorado ended up winning an electric game in overtime.

Following the chippy contest, Norvell and Coach Prime met at midfield. Sanders kept his sunglasses and hat on while shaking the hands of TCU and Nebraska head coaches Sonny Dykes and Matt Rhule in Weeks 1 and 2.

Part of that was true in Week 3.

Sanders did not have on his sunglasses while shaking hands with Norvell. He was wearing his hat.

It was a cordial exchange between two coaches that were on opposite sides of a fantastic ballgame, unlike what was teased on Big Noon Kickoff. There were no fireworks.

Norvell said something to Coach Prime and Shedeur, who had walked over. Whatever he said was seemingly well-received. They appeared to make amends.

Regardless of whether the success continues at Colorado or not, Deion Sanders has made it abundantly clear that it is better to stay quiet before playing his team. Otherwise, it’s personal.

Don’t make it personal. Just don’t do it.

The Buffs are 3-0 with Oregon on the horizon. There are a lot of questions left unanswered, starting with Hunter’s health.