Colorado State WR Becomes Second Player To Hit ‘Deion Sanders Shuffle,’ Mocks Shedeur For New Watch Move

Colorado State mocks Deion Sanders, Shedeur Sanders with shuffle dance and watch
Getty Image / ESPN

Did you hear that Colorado and Deion Sanders’ game against Colorado State was personal? It was personal.

The same way it was personal against Nebraska and Matt Rhule. The same way it was personal against TCU and Sonny Dykes. And the same way it will be personal against Oregon and Dan Lanning for his comments in the offseason.

Coach Prime and the Buffaloes, led by Shedeur, are talking a lot of talk. To their credit, through the first two games against two teams that are good (at best) but not great, they walked the walk.

The chatter continued with an unbelievable production in Boulder on Saturday. College GameDay AND Big Noon Kickoff were in town.

Lee Corso shared an emotional moment with the crew that stuck with him through his stroke.

The Rock rocked a Shedeur jersey.

Lil Wayne rapped A Milli.

And that was all before 10:00 a.m. It has been a party in the People’s Republic for a few weeks now. Colorado is the most exciting show in sports right now, whether you hate it or love it.

Jay Norvell’s comments made it personal for Deion Sanders and Colorado.

Colorado State’s head coach made a bold statement during a radio show earlier this week by questioning the way that Coach Prime wears a hat and sunglasses during press conferences. His shot included a reference to character that involved his mother.

The Sanders family took Norvell’s comments personally. Because that’s what they do. He fed right into their hands and made them A LOT OF MONEY while doing so.

The Sanders family talked about it all week. Shilo, Shedeur, and Deion. All three.

The game got chippy in a hurry.

As you could imagine, the environment come kick off was electric. Especially as the the show continued into the evening.

Both sides were juiced up for the rivalry bout. They got in a scuffle during pregame, and Shedeur called players “h-es” before flexing his watch — again.

Another fight broke out in-game while Takeoff was on camera. Shedeur later poked an opponent in the eye.

Shilo moved up his dad’s children rankings with a huge interception.

Travis Hunter got CLOBBERED on a dirty hit.

Meanwhile, the Rams started to pull away from Coach Prime. They took a 21-14 lead into halftime with momentum in their favor.

On the flip side, Buffaloes couldn’t get anything going.

Colorado State returned a fumble for six. Defensive back Ron Hardge III did his best Deion Sanders high step right in the face of Deion Sanders.

Not long thereafter, the Rams scored on offense. Wide receiver Louis Brown IV did his best Deion Sanders dance right in front of Deion Sanders.

This is not the first time that this has happened in Coach Prime’s short college coaching career.

Back in 2021, though, South Carolina State wide receiver Saquan Davis danced on Sanders during a Celebration Bowl win over Jackson State. It is the first time it happened at Colorado!