Deion Sanders Gets Visibly Intimidated Meeting Colorado’s Ralphie The Buffalo

Colorado's Ralphie the Buffalo live mascot

Getty Image / Dustin Bradford

After being in Boulder for months, new University of Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders just met an on-campus celebrity that’s even more famous than he is: Ralphie the Buffalo.

It’s unclear what took the new Buffs head coach Deion Sanders so long to meet the most famous figure on the University of Colorado campus.

Perhaps it is because Coach Prime is selling his 42-acre farm in Mississippi and based on the video below, he’s clearly not fully comfortable around large farm animals.

While Deion is clearly awestruck by being in the presence of Ralphie the Buffalo, he’s also very cautious around the large animal while feeding Ralphie by hand and watching Ralphie run back into the trailer:

Colorado Buffaloes fans on Twitter had a lot to about Deion Sanders meeting Ralphie.

The tensions were running high:

They write “why she should be the #1 live mascot in all of College Sports.” What does that even mean? Are there actual rankings for the best live mascots in College Sports?

Would’ve been a perfect opportunity for the hat:

Deion Sanders will certainly get plenty of face time with Ralphie the Buffalo moving forward. She is everpresent on game days in Boulder. Hopefully, Coach Prime gets more comfortable with the buffalo moving forward and his nerves don’t cloud his coaching decisions on Saturdays.

For those wondering, this is Ralphie VI. She was born in Chadron, Nebraska in May 2020. It can take between 3 to 4 years for buffaloes to be considered fully grown so it’s possible Ralphie VI is still growing.

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