Deion Sanders Gives Players Brutal Welcome After Break, Sends Bold Message About Spring Game

Deion Sanders talks to the media during a Colorado press conference.

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Deion Sanders didn’t offer the warmest of welcomes to his staff and players after their spring break vacations. The University of Colorado coach was all business as he put the team through a brutal first workout in the Buffaloes’ return to action.

Colorado resumed a spring practice session that’s quickly winding down. That preseason training will culminate with the program’s Black and Gold Game on April 22nd.

Sanders isn’t wasting any time in Boulder as he looks to improve a team that won just one game last year. He quickly attacked the portal in his first recruiting season on campus, bringing in the top ranked transfer class.

He also landed a few notable additions from the high school ranks as the overall cycle was rated in the top 25.

Now that he’s getting the talent on campus, his next step is changing the culture of what’s been a losing program. Colorado has just four winning seasons over the last two decades.

He’s working on that attitude change through structure and discipline.

We’ve seen Deion Sanders kick players out of workouts for wearing the wrong-colored socks. He’s also making his team wear blank jerseys until players earn their numbers.

While the discipline comes off as harsh at times, the love for those in his program is evident. Prior to the recent vacation, Coach Prime sent a message to his team about the dangers of spring break.

While he wanted his players to enjoy the time off, he also noted the responsibilities they’ll be returning to in Boulder. On Monday, they got a brutal reminder of those duties.

Colorado players were welcomed back to a brutal first day of practice as Sanders looked to get them back in form following the break.

“This is an old school thing. You just get back from the break, you know you’re not gonna get nothing from the kids after the break. So, we’re gonna run 100s and 40s. Ten of ’em, in time. If you don’t get it, the whole group goes again.”

More footage of the conditioning can be found HERE.

The players weren’t the only ones taking heat from Coach Prime, though.

Deion Sanders sends bold message to staff ahead of spring game

Sanders had some words for his coaching staff in their return to campus, too. The comments dealt with the upcoming spring game, which is already sold out.

It’s also set to be aired on ESPN, meaning the college football world will have their eyes on the Buffaloes and their offseason progression.

Deion Sanders had the following to say about the opportunity to showcase the program on a national stage.

“The light is on us… One thing about the light. The light will illuminate you or it will expose you. All of y’all that are hootin’ and hollerin’, retweeting that we’re sold out for the spring game, don’t get embarrassed in the way you do your job.”

Sanders has done an awesome job of putting Colorado in the spotlight. He doesn’t want his players and staff to make him regret it on the last day of the spring session.

The spring game will take place in just a few weeks. Deion Sanders is doing his best to have the program primed for the outing.