Deion Sanders Sends Spring Break Warning To Colorado Football Players

Deion Sanders speaks at a press conference.

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Deion Sanders is warning his Colorado football players about enjoying spring break a bit too much. He issued potential punishment for team members who show up late to team meetings, as well as offered guidance to those players that are looking to travel over the holiday.

College football fans are now posting reactions to the stern remarks on social media. A number of followers agree with his approach.

Sanders is in the process of turning around a Buffaloes program that won just one game last season. That turnaround has started with recruiting, an area where Coach Prime succeeded in his first cycle.

Colorado landed a top 25 class, including the nation’s top transfer class, as it brought in big-time talents like Travis Hunter, Cormani McClain, and Shedeur Sanders.

He’s looking to quickly upgrade the roster on the recruiting front, but he appears to be taking a major focus on the players already in the program, too.

We’ve seen an attention to detail in Deion Sanders’ approach, which has become even more visible during the team’s spring practice.

Coach Prime is removing players from workouts for not wearing the right color socks. He’s making the team wear blank jerseys until they earn the number on the uniform. He’s looking to bring a major culture change to a university that’s produced 16 losing seasons in the last 20 years.

Colorado began spring practice back on March 19, but the first challenge for players in the program is approaching. Spring Break.

The annual vacation begins today, but Deion Sanders warned his team about enjoying their time a little too much.

“You have a meeting [Monday morning]. If you’re late to that meeting, there’s going to be consequences. Your locker will be cleaned. It will be cleaned, and I’m not threatening you. It’s just reality.”

He continued on to fill his players in on some of the dangers of spring break, telling his team to be careful if they plan to travel.

“Fellas, be careful on your break. Be careful on your coming and goings. Everyone ain’t for you. Everyone ain’t with you. Everybody don’t love you. Everybody don’t appreciate you. Everybody don’t want you to be that guy you plan on being.

“Your life is of value. Your life is of essence. You are somebody. You are important. So, be careful please. We don’t want to put on all black to go to a funeral. We want to put on all black and go out there and whoop somebody.”

Fans online were quick to comment on Deion Sanders’ warning. Most agreed with his line of thinking.

One person wrote, “LOVE IT!! The man has been there!! He is trying to build something special at Colorado and it takes everyone to make it work!”

Someone else said, “The more I read and watch Coach, the more I like his way of doing things. Big Coach Prime fan.”

Deion Sanders continues to win fans over with the culture he’s looking to instill at Colorado. Those players will enjoy their spring break this week before gearing up for the annual Spring Game at the end of the practice season.